Monday, October 22, 2012

Dog Star Books Philosophy

"Science Fiction That Goes for the Throat"

Science Fiction Adventure imprint of Raw Dog Screaming Press
WHY? To infuse the popular sub-genres of SF with Raw Dog culture
HOW? By presenting readers with the futures that never were or will be
WHO? Authors, new and established, launching their unique worlds

Dog Star Books, like its mother, Raw Dog Screaming Press, is smart, fun, and sexy. We're the girl who was not only voted most likely to succeed, but was also prom queen!

Because Dog Star Books is named after Sirius, the biggest and brightest star in the sky, we want our authors to shine among the best Science Fiction writers today by amplifying RDSP's decade of beautifully thought-provoking and consummately cool books.

Dog Star Books brings readers' favorite sub-genres of Science Fiction Adventure under the imprint's unifying brand. Our explosive covers by artist Bradley Sharp rely on negative space to invoke the ideas of new pulp, strange worlds, and futures that never were or will be.

Our authors are taking their place among an award-winning and best-selling writing community by writing with the intent of burning their words permanently upon the eyes of the industry, marking Dog Star as the destination where meta meets pop, where intellect is fun, and where imagination pulses in all its sensual glory.

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