Monday, July 21, 2014

Confluence / DogCon 3

July 25-27, Four Points by Sheraton Pittsburgh North Belt
This year DogCon 3 is being held during Confluence. Dog Star Books authors Matt Betts & Albert Wendland will be involved in the regular programming as Michael Arnzen, Lucy Snyder and John Edward Lawson from parent publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press. There will be a rapid-fire reading, we'll announce the winner of this year's Readers' Choice award and host an End of the World launch party for Lucy Snyder's Soft Apocalypses. Below you'll find a schedule all the events our authors will be involved in.


4 pm Opening: John E. Lawson
5 pm Making the Science Sing: Albert Wendland
6 pm Happiness in Horror: Michael Arnzen, Lucy Snyder
My (Girlfriend, Mother, Sister) will Kick your Butt: J.L. Gribble
Kaffee Klatsch: Matt Betts
7 pm The Games We Play: Lucy Snyder
Autographing: Matt Betts
Kaffee Klatsch: Michael Arnzen
8 pm RDSP Rapid Fire Reading: Matt Betts, Michael Arnzen, Lucy Snyder, J.L. Gribble, Albert Wendland, John Edward Lawson
9 pm ***SOFT APOCALYPSES launch party*** Lucy Snyder, Room 525


10 am What Dreams May Come: Albert Wendland
Writing Workshop: Matt Betts, J.L. Gribble
11 am Non-SF books every SF reader should read: Albert Wendland
What Makes You Think That? John Edward Lawson
Autographing: Michael Arnzen
12 pm SF as Games; Games as SF:  Lucy Snyder
Making it on Mars: Albert Wendland
1 pm Humor and Genre: Michael Arnzen
2 pm The Writing & Publishing Game: John Edward Lawson
Autographing: Albert Wendland
4 pm Collaboration: Lucy Snyder
5 pm Why did Steam punk? Matt Betts
Want to see something REALLY scary? Michael Arnzen
These Kids Today: J.L. Gribble
Kaffee Klatsch: Albert Wendland
7 pm Beyond the Experiment: John Edward Lawson
9 pm Movies as Series: Michael Arnzen
10 pm Erotica: Writing, reading in more than 50 shades of grey: Lucy Snyder

12 pm Writing and the Day Job: Lucy Snyder
SF Art and Illustration: Albert Wendland
1 pm How Alien is too Alien: J.L. Gribble
Truly Creative: Financial realities of the writing life: Lucy Snyder, Matt Betts
2 pm The Amazon’s Right Breast: Women in Combat: Lucy Snyder
SF Rediscovers the Solar System: Albert Wendland

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Event Photos: The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes Launch

The In Your Write Mind book signing at Seton Hill University was also the site of the launch of Albert Wendland's THE MAN WHO LOVED ALIEN LANDSCAPES. The book sold out in the first hour of the signing, helping Raw Dog Screaming Press break our record for the most sales at an event by 150%. 

You can read Al's blog post on the book signing at his blog and view photos from the event below.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Event Photos: In Your Write Mind Book Signing

Dog Star Books authors Matt Betts, Heidi Ruby Miller, Al Wendland, and K. Ceres Wright were on hand Friday night to take part in a massive book signing as part of the In Your Write Mind workshop at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA. Raw Dog Screaming Press broke our record for most sales at an event by 150%!

Shanna Sampson gets a signed copy of Ambasadora from Heidi Ruby Miller

K. Ceres Wright shows off a poster for Cog

Raw Dog author Jason Jack Miller shares a laugh with Dog Star author Matt Betts

K. Ceres Wright signs a copy of Cog for Becky Watson

K. Ceres Wright

Amy Culey receives a signed copy of Greenshift from Heidi Ruby Miller

Dog Star authors K. Ceres Wright, Al Wendland, Heidi Ruby Miller, and Matt Betts

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Event: In Your Write Mind

June 26-29 • Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA 
Every year Seton Hill hosts a writing workshop that includes classes on various professional writing topics, guest lectures and workshops from industry professionals, pitch sessions a massive book signing (free and open to the public) and a costume ball. This is an excellent way for writers to hone their craft and make connections. To learn more and sign up for the workshop go here.

The MASSIVE author signing is FREE and OPEN to the Public!
Friday, June 27, 7-10pm

DSB authors who will be signing books this year include:
Matt Betts
Heidi Ruby Miller
K. Ceres Wright

In addition to the book signing, Dog Star Books will be debuting THE MAN WHO LOVED ALIEN LANDSCAPES by Albert Wendland.

Stop by to meet our authors and pick up some great summer reads!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Albert Wendland Named Professor of the Year

Albert Wendland 02Congratulations to Dog Star Books author Albert Wendland who was recently named Professor of the Year by Seton Hill University. Wendland received his award during Spring Convocation and was also honored to give the keynote speech. In true writerly fashion he told a story instead. You can read the text of the speech here.

 Wendland has been at Seton Hill for over 30 years and was instrumental in helping to create their unique writing program. He is currently the Director of the Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University and his first novel, The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes will be released by Raw Dog Screaming Press' science fiction imprint, Dog Star Books, in July.

Friday, May 16, 2014

ODD MEN OUT is a Hoffer Award Finalist

It's been announced that ODD MEN OUT by Matt Betts is a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award. Less than 10% of the titles under consideration become finalists so we're quite honored that it received this recognition You can see a complete list of winners here.

In addition, the cover that Bradley Sharp created for the book is also a DaVinci Eye finalist! Congratulations to Bradley Sharp who works hard to infuse every cover he creates for us with the true essence of the book inside. He is also the single force behind the cohesive look and feel of Dog Star Books. See the complete list of book covers recognized by The Eric Hoffer Award. Check out Brad's website for more amazing art.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes: Starred Review

BOOKS-themanWe were extremely excited to hear that Publishers Weekly has given The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes by Albert Wendland a starred review and made it the Pick of the Week! This is the first time one of our titles has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

"In Wendland’s intricately plotted, character-driven debut, pulp exploration meets philosophical speculation, and a moralistic sensibility is fused with Philip K. Dick’s paranoid fantasies and Ray Bradbury’s awe of alien encounters.…Impending doom pervades ripping action scenes, the Lovecraftian theme of ancient warring aliens lends cosmic menace and authenticity to a grandiose mystery…deeply absorbing."—Publishers Weekly starred review

The Man Who Love Alien Landscapes is currently available for pre-order and will debut at Confluence 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA, July 25-27.